UWest Pali Society

UWest Pali Society

UWest Pali Society is committed to promote Theravada Pali tradition both academically and ritually. We welcome all the UWest community members to join us and feel good with us.

The objectives of the UWest Pali Society would be:

1. Pali Sutta Reading :

Here we read selected original Pali suttas in English and discuss the key Pali terms leading to further discussions. We invite all those like minded people to join us and we are ready to help anyone who has difficulties in understanding English.

2. Introductory Pali Learning:
We teach Pali language from the very beginning to advanced level.

3. Online Pali Learning:
We have already started an online Pali teaching program. Those who are interested in joining, please contact admin@dhammausa.com

4. Guest Speeches:
We will organize occasional guest speeches by eminent scholars and Buddhist monks to propagate and promote Pali Language and Literature.

- Day: Tuesday
- Time: 4.30 p.m.
- Class Room: AD 206
- University of the West
1409 Walnut Grove Ave
CA 91770

1. Academic Advisers
- Dr. Jane Iwamura
- Dr. Miroj Shakya

2. President
Ven. N. Sumitta

3. Vice President

Ven. G. Pannaratana

4. Secretary

Ellen Gervasi

5. Treasurer
Christopher Johnson (Kris) christopherj@null.net

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