Vesak Celebration - 2018 
at Rathana Inaternational Buddhist Center, 
Anaheim, California 
is scheduled to be launched on May 19, 2018. 

This is going to be a very special event for the Buddhist community in California in particular and to all other friends in general to witness a unique set of Buddhist Ceremonies including a 30 feet tall colorful Pandol (Torana) reflecting Svarna Hamsa Jataka (Golden Swan) and the birth, enlightenment and great passing away of the Buddha. 

There will be a special Tesette Ñāna Vandanā (salutation to the 73 wisdoms of the Buddha). The amazing Vesak Pandol has been created by a young Buddhist monk named venerable A. Punnaratana.

 The young kids of the temple Sunday school have created Triple auspices occasions of the Buddha (Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away). The whole temple has been decorated with colorful Vesak lanterns and Buddhist flags. 

Dear friends in Southern California, this is a great opportunity to come and enjoy with your family and friends. Carpooling is recommended and those who drive please be aware of the designated parking spaces provided for this event. 

Here is the schedule: 
May 19, 2018 Saturday 
6:30 PM - Tesette Ñāna Vandanā conducted by Ven. A. Punnaratana 
7:45 PM - Launching of the Vesak Pandol 
8:00 PM - Buddhist Devotional Songs 
9:00 PM - Free Dinner (sponsored by Thissa & Sandhya Gamlath - “Rice & Spice” Sri Lankan Restaurant) 
Here is the Message from the temple:
 Dear Devotees, The Vesak Festival of Sri Ratana International Buddhist Center will be on May 19. 2018. The Thesaththagnana Pooja will begin at 6pm. Please arrive by 5 30pm to assist with setting up for the pooja. Please see the attached flyer for more details. 
Event parking will be available at the 

Albert Schweitzer Elementary School,
229 S Dale Ave, Anaheim,
CA 92804,

walking distance from the Sri Ratana International Buddhist Center. May the triple gem bless you!

For more info please check 
Rathana International Buddhist Center 
Dhamma USA 
Facebook Pages

Dhamma Talk in Sinhala by Ven. Chandakitti

May 23, 2018
7:30 PM

Lankarama Buddhist Institute
398 Giano Ave
La Puente
CA 91744

Contact - +16269130775 (Temple

All Are Welcome!

a.      Vinaya-Pitaka
                                                                                               i.         Parajika
                                                                                             ii.         Pacittiya
                                                                                            iii.         Mahavagga
                                                                                           iv.         Culavagga
                                                                                             v.         Parivara
b.      Sutta-Pitaka
                                                                                               i.         Digha-Nikaya
                                                                                             ii.         Majjhima-Nikaya
                                                                                            iii.         Samyutta-Nikaya
                                                                                           iv.         Anguttara-Nikaya
                                                                                             v.         Khuddaka-Nikaya. The books under the Khuddaka -Nikaya are:
1.           Khuddakapatha
2.           Dhammapada
3.           Udana
4.           Itivuttaka
5.           Suttanipata
6.           Vimanavatthu
7.           Petavatthu
8.           Theragatha
9.           Therigatha
10.       Apadana
11.       Buddhavamsa
12.       Cariyapitaka
13.       Jataka
14.       Mahaniddesa
15.       Culaniddesa
16.       Patisambhidamagga
17.       Nettippakarana
18.       Petakopadesa
19.       Milindapanha.

c.      Abhidhamma-Pitaka
                                                                                               i.         Dhammasangani
                                                                                             ii.         Vibhanga
                                                                                            iii.         Dhatukatha
                                                                                           iv.         Puggalapannatti
                                                                                             v.         Kathavatthu
                                                                                           vi.         Yamaka
                                                                                         vii.         Patthana
      II.         Atthakakatha Literature
a.      Vinaya-Pitaka-Atthakatha (Samantapasadika)
                                                                                               i.         Parajika-Atthakatha
                                                                                             ii.         Pacittiya-Atthakatha
                                                                                            iii.         Mahavagga- Atthakatha
                                                                                           iv.         Culavagga- Atthakatha
                                                                                             v.         Parivara- Atthakatha
                                                                                           vi.         Patimokkha- Atthakatha (Kankhavitarani)
b.      Sutta-Pitaka- Atthakatha
                                                                                               i.         Digha-Nikaya- Atthakatha (Sumangalavilasini)
                                                                                             ii.         Majjhima-Nikaya- Atthakatha (Papancasudani)
                                                                                            iii.         Samyutta-Nikaya- Atthakatha (Saratthappakasini)
                                                                                           iv.         Anguttara-Nikaya- Atthakatha (Manorathapurani)
                                                                                             v.         The Commentaries of the Khuddaka-Nikaya are as follows:
1.           Khuddakapatha- Atthakatha (Paramatthajotika)
2.           Dhammapada- Atthakatha
3.           Udana- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
4.           Itivuttaka- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
5.           Suttanipata- Atthakatha (Paramatthajotika)
6.           Vimanavatthu- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
7.           Petavatthu- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
8.           Theragatha- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
9.           Therigatha- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
10.       Apadana- Atthakatha (Visuddhajanavilasini)
11.       Buddhavamsa- Atthakatha (Madhuratthavilasini)
12.       Cariyapitaka- Atthakatha (Paramatthadipani)
13.       Jataka- Atthakatha
14.       Mahaniddesa- Atthakatha (Saddhammappajjotika)
15.       Culaniddesa- Atthakatha (Saddhammappajjotika)
16.       Patisambhidamagga- Atthakatha (Saddhammappakasini)
17.       Nettippakarana- Atthakatha
18.       Petakopadesa- Atthakatha
19.       Milindapanha- Atthakatha
c.      Abhidhamma-Pitaka- Atthakatha
                                                                                               i.         Dhammasangani- Atthakatha (Atthasalini)
                                                                                             ii.         Vibhanga- Atthakatha (Sammohavinodani)
                                                                                            iii.         Pancappakarana- Atthakatha (Atthakatha on Dhatukatha, Puggalapannatti, Kathavatthu, Yamaka, Patthana)
     III.         Tika Literature
a.      Vinaya-Pitaka-Tika
                                                                                               i.         Vajirabuddhi-Tika
                                                                                             ii.         Saratthadipani- Tika
                                                                                            iii.         Vimativinodani- Tika
                                                                                           iv.         Kankhavitarani-Purana- Tika
                                                                                             v.         Kankhavitarani-Abhinava- Tika
b.      Sutta-Pitaka- Tika
                                                                                               i.         Digha-Nikaya- Tika (Linatthappakasana)
                                                                                             ii.         Digha-Nikaya-Silakkhandhavagga-Abhinava- Tika (Sadhuvilasini)
                                                                                            iii.         Majjhima-Nikaya- Tika (Linatthappakasana)
                                                                                           iv.         Samyutta-Nikaya- Tika (Linatthappakasana)
                                                                                             v.         Anguttara-Nikaya-Tika (Saratthamanjusa)
                                                                                           vi.         Nettippakarana- Tika (Linatthavannana)
                                                                                         vii.         Nettivibhavini- Tika
c.      Abhidhamma-Pitaka- Tika
                                                                                               i.         Dhammasangani-Mula- Tika
                                                                                             ii.         Dhammasangani-Anu- Tika
                                                                                            iii.         Vibhanga-Mula-Tika
                                                                                           iv.         Vibhanga-Anu-Tika
                                                                                             v.         Pancappakarana-Mula-Tika
                                                 vi.   Pancappakarana-Anu-Tika.