Sri Lanka Flood Relief - 2017

Sri Lanka needs our help. Recent floods have devastated the lives of the many thousands. This is the worst disaster after tsunami in 2004. Please come join us. We will make sure that our dedicated volunteers in Sri Lanka reach the flood victims directly without any admin cost. We're now accepting donations. We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference.
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For Cash & Checks

Checks & Cash are accepted. If you are in Los Angeles area please hand over them to Lankarama Buddhist Institute, 398 Giano Ave, La Puente, CA 91744. 

If you are in Sri Lanka, please contact our local representatives there: 

Mr. Wimala Wijeratne (Nugegoda) - 0722709196. Mr. Dimutu Wettimuni (Ratmalana) - 0714179685. Ms. Indika Thushari (Gampaha) - 0714553002

You can donate cash or any other required materials in Sri Lanka. 

Here are some of the urgent requirements that we need in Sri Lanka. We are planning to help Kalawana, Anguruwatota and Kosgulana areas. Here are some of the urgent requirements that you can provide:

For GS Division 633A – Kananwila, Anguruwatota:
}Kananwila   : Approximately 40 households
}Prabuddhagama   : Approximately 60 households
}21 Aches   : Approximately 50 households
}Mambogoda   : Approximately 60 households
Total  : 210 Households
Urgently needed:
shoes, uniforms & school supplies for affected kids to facilitate schooling  
mattresses, pillows, covers and bed-sheets 
A medical camp cleaning equipment and chemicals 

Next Stage:
}Provide dry rations for about 2 weeks until life is back to normal for their occupancy
}Continue to clean water wells – need heavy duty water pumps or money to hire
}Repair houses, roofs & toilets – need help
}Build better sanitary facilities – need help
}Build small houses at a cost of US$ 2,500 per house – need help and we will allocate a house depending on the ability to donate. We will prioritize based on damage to existing house and their income
}Help check and repair house electrical circuits/plugs which were submerged – need help
}Provide 3 boats to be used in such emergencies – this will be handed over and managed by Grama Seveka officer (Village Officer,  appointed by government) – need help
}Help establish professions for breadwinners – needs help
}Rebuild Game Kade (convenient shop)
}Provide a carpentry table and tools for carpenter
}Conduct educational sessions to manage future disaster – need help from professionals
}Provide radios, TVs, basic refrigerators, house hold appliances – including used items. Need help
For Kosgulana:
There are 150 children who had lost their books due to flood. They are requesting:
two books, one pen, One pencil , One eraser  & 3 yards of white cloth for their uniforms. 
There are 700 families in the area who had lost their belongings.
Medical help & sanitary items. 
Volunteer help to clean the houses, roads, and drinking water wells.

For Kalawana:
We will reach and distribute some dry rations and other materials. 
Medical help is required in all these areas. 
Sanitary items are very essential. 
Cleaning service with volunteers. 
Here are some of the photos we received from the local representatives:

Thank you donors (update on 6.18.2017):

Thank you for the donations so far. We sincerely appreciate all our good hearted donors and well wishers. All the donations will directly go to the benefit of the flood victims. May all those affected in this natural disaster recover soon and live safely and happily with good health! May all beings be well and happy and healthy!
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  • Chandrani Wickramatunge 
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  • Ven. Lelwala Nagitha 
  • Edmund Amarasinghe
  • Jessica Liu
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