Tipiṭaka Chanting Project 
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Dear friends, we have launched the long awaited Tipitaka Chanting Project with Dhammapada being the first text to start with.
We have started recording chapter by chapter and the subtitles and English meaning are also included for the benefit of the many.
Please watch it and share your feedback so that we can improve our future videos.
Thank you everyone for helping in many different ways to make this noble chanting project a success.
Our plan is to chant the entire Pali Tipitaka no matter how long it takes.
With some volunteer help we can turn the recordings into videos with a faster pace.

Please share your opinions.
If you wish to dedicate these videos to transfer merits to any of your departed relatives, we can mention their names in our attached description.
Kindly email us for more details.
May this noble Dhamma Project reach many millions!
May all beings be well and happy and healthy!

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!!!!

Recordings so far:

  1. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada1 > Yamaka Vagga (The Pairs)  
  2. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada2 > Appamāda Vagga (The Heedfulness) 
  3. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada3 > Citta Vagga (The Mind) 
  4. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada4 > Puppha Vagga (The Flowers) 
  5. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada5 > Bāla Vagga (The Fool)
  6. Tipiṭaka Chanting Project - Dhammapada6 > Paṇḍita Vagga (The Wise) 

Click here for The Structure of the Canonical Literature. 
We are going to chant this entire canonical literature with your support and blessings.

Images taken at Lankarama Buddhist Institute, La Puente, California. 

Meditation for Beginners
Instructor – Bhante Sumitta


Medium – English/Sinhala
Venue – 398 Giano Ave, La Puente, CA 91744
Every Saturday 
starting November 16 
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
at Lankarama Buddhist Institute
  • Activities with mindfulness & Loving Kindness
  • Dhamma Sermons
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Come and join us for an inspiring Saturday morning with Bhante Sumitta. This is an introductory level Meditation Retreat and all are welcome to join this free event. However, volunteer donations are welcome to support the Lankarama Buddhist Institute.

    An invitation to discover your inner-self

    Bhante Sumitta –
    A Sri Lankan monk who is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of the West, Los Angeles. His thesis topic is “Philosophy of Arahanta Ideal as Depicted in Mahaniddessa”. 

    Bhante Sumitta is an ardent advocate of teaching and applying Buddhist meditation, Pali language and Buddhist Philosophy to improve daily life of different communities in the Los Angeles and surrounding area.

    He is the founder and president of the UWest Pali Society, and he was teaching as an Adjunct Professor at the University of the West. As a special outreach program, he formed a Dhamma USA, a charitable community organization that provides community and spiritual care.

    For more info on Dhamma USA activities please refer to:

    Organized by – 
    Lankarama Buddhist Institute
    398 Giano Ave, La Puente, CA 91744
    May All Beings Be Well, Happy & Healthy!
    Sādhu! Sādhu!! Sādhu!!!
    Recommended Online Readings:
    Ajahn Brahm. Mindfulness, Bliss, and beyond : A Meditator’s Handbook. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2006.
    Dorjee, Dusana. Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness: A Guide to Buddhist Mind Training and the Neuroscience of Meditation, 2014.
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    Nhất Hạnh, Mai. The Miracle of Mindfulness : A Manual on Meditation. Rev. ed. Boston: Beacon Press, 1987.
    Nyanaponika. The Heart of Buddhist Meditation (Satipaṭṭāna)  a Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha’s Way of Mindfulness, with an Anthology of Relevant Texts Translated from the Pali and Sanskrit. [1st American ed.]. New York: Citadel Press, 1969.
    Nyanasatta, C. The Foundations of Mindfulness: Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta : A Discourses [Sic] of the Buddha. Kandy, Sri Lanka: Buddhist Publication Society, 1974.
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    Ṭhānissaro. Purity of Heart: Essays on the Buddhist Path. Valley Center, CA: Metta Forest Monastery, 2006.
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    ———. The Wings to Awakening : An Anthology from the Pali Canon. 5th ed., rev. [Valley Center  Calif.]: Metta, 2007.

    Annual Kaṭhiṇa Robe Offering Ceremony - 2019
    Maha Saṅgha Dāna
    Lankarama Buddhist Institute
    398 Giano Ave
    La Puente - CA 91744
    Phone: 626-913-0775

    Dear Dhamma Friends & Family,

    You are cordially invited to make merits by participating in the Kaṭhiṇa Ceremony 2019 to be held on November 2, 2019 (Saturday) & November 3, 2019 (Sunday).

    Please join us in this special Buddhist Festival, which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy retreat for Theravāda Buddhists.

    November 2, 2019 (Saturday)

    07:30 PM - Aṭavisi Buddha Vandanā (28 Buddha Vandanā)
    Conducted by Ven. Dr. K. Gunaratana Thera  
    Abbot of Mahā Karuṇā Buddhist Center, 
    Head of the Religious Affairs of 
    Lankarama Buddhist Temple, Singapore

    November 3, 2019 (Sunday)

    06:30 AM - Offering of Kaṭhiṇa Clothe to the Mahā Saṅgha
    07:30 AM - Buddha Vandanā
    07:45 AM - Breakfast Dāna to the Mahā Saṅgha
    10:00 AM - Kaṭhiṇa Perahera (Parade)
    11:15 AM - Buddha Vandanā
    11:30 AM - Offering of Kaṭhiṇa Robe & 
                       Lunch Dāna to the Mahā Saṅgha
    12:30 PM - Kaṭhiṇānisaṃsa (Benefits of Kaṭhiṇa) & 
                       Trasnfering Merits by 
                       Ven. Dr. K. Gunaratana Thera
    01:00 PM - Lunch for the attendees

    Sponsors of Kathiṇa 2019 
    Sanjiv & Manil Gunasekara 
    B. J. Perera
    Janaki Wickramaratne
    Greeta Dissanayake
    Ruwan Dissanayake
    Amali Dissanayake
    Salintha Gunasekara
    Gamini & Sunila Weerasuriya
     Michael & Pushpa De Silva   
    Sylvia Wijethunge
    Prasanna & Sumudu Silva
    Nilani Leula
    Vishakha Wikramasinghe
    Sujatha Gunathilake
    Yvonne Tseng
    May Carolyn Goh

    Note: Anyone who would like to be volunteers, donors or participating in offering foods, kindly contact the Lankarama Buddhist Institute.
    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

    Please share with all your near & dear ones!

    Venue: Lankarama Buddhist Institute
    398 Giano Ave
    La Puente, CA 91744
    Phone: 626-913-0775

    Sabbe sattā averā hontu
    Sabbe sattā abyāpajjā hontu
    Sabbe sattā anīghā hontu
    Sabbe sattā sukhī attānaṃ pariharantu

    May all beings be free from enmity/danger.
    May all beings be free from mental suffering.
    May all beings be free from physical suffering.
    May all beings take care of themselves happily.

    May All Beings are Well & Happy & Healthy!
    (Sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitattā)
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