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  1. I would like to have the book you are using for the current Pali part 1 class which I will follow on YouTube. Please tell me how to get it or download it. It’s metta, Michael

    1. Hi Michael, right now we are writing the book from the beginning with many new features added to the old book we use. We use Buddhadatta A.P. “A New Pali Course”. I hope there are some online versions available. You may google it. If you like the sections of the book we post on our website, you wait for a while until we finish Level 1. Hopefully we can publish it as soon as we finish Level 1. Best!

  2. What is The Meaning of Sotāpanna, Stream-enterer?


    “Most of devoted Buddhists have already known the word “Sotāpanna” but they do not know the meaning of about it.

    Myanmar people call “Sotāpan” instead of the Pāli word “Sotāpanna”. It can divide into sota+āpanna. “Sota” is ambiguous meaning. It can be translated into not only “the ear” but also “the stream”.

    In this case, we can take the stream. The meaning of stream is used metaphorically that the stream which enters into Nibbāna. It does not mean the natural stream in the world.

    “Āpanna” means “entered into”. The comprehensive meaning is that “sota” means the stream of noble eightfold path, or the stream of Dhamma, and “āpanna” means entered upon; fallen into.”

    So, sota is called the stream which will enter into Nibbāna. The stream of Dhamma which will lead into Nibbāna is called sota.

    Therefore, the noble eightfold path makes the spiritual development for everybody.

    These eight factors of noble path are needed to follow, practice and develop for each individual to become a valuable life.

    Sotāpanna has a valuable life because who has already fulfilled with the noble eightfold path.

    That is why, the Buddha asked to Venerable Sāriputta as the following conversation:

    “Buddha: “Sāriputta, this is said: ‘A stream-enterer (Sotāpanna), a stream-enterer:’ what now, Sāriputta, is a stream-enterer?”

    Sāriputta: “One who possesses this Noble Eightfold Path, venerable sir, is called a stream-enterer: this venerable one of such a name and clan.”

    Buddha: “Good, good, Sāriputta! One who possesses this Noble Eightfold Path is a stream-enterer: this venerable one of such a name and clan.”

    There is a stream to go Nibbāna.

    This stream is composed of noble eightfold path which is also composed of three portions namely moral precepts (sīla), concentration (samādhi) and wisdom (paññā).

    The person who has already obtained that sort of three portions of qualification (fulfillment of the noble eightfold path) is called a Sotāpanna.

    So, sotāpanna is one who has entered into the stream of noble eightfold path or the stream of Dhamma after attaining his first stage of enlightenment by practicing vipassanā meditation.

    In Samyutta Nikaya, there is a Sīlavantā Sutta (SN. 22.122) in which a monk asked Venerable Sāriputta: “What things, friend Sāriputta, should be attended to correctly by a monk who is a sotāpanna?”

    The Venerable Sāriputta answers that it is the five aggregates of grasping that should be correctly attended to by a sotāpanna, as impermanent, suffering, and non-self.

    These three factors are the main characteristics of vipassanā meditation.

    In other words, sotāpanna is one who has entered the stream leading to Nibbāna.

    One who has already eradicated from two kinds of kilesas, mental defilements, such as (1) diṭṭhi (self views) and (2) vicikicchā (doubt on Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, the Triple-gems), among the ten kinds of kilesas, mental defilements.

    (There are 10 kinds of kilesas, namely, lobha, dosa, moha, māna, diṭṭhi, vicikicchā, thinamiddha, uddhicca, ahirika, anottappa.)

    One who has unshakeable faith in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, and has automatically gained the attachment to the five moral precepts (pañca sīla).

    ( Abstaining from killing living beings, stealing other properties, telling lies, misconduct of sexual intercourse, using intoxicant drugs. )

    One who will be reborn seven times, at the utmost, and not in a state lower than the human realm.

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    1. Thank you very much for this article. Please keep sharing your articles of this nature. Appreciate. Many blessings!

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