DHAMMA USA is a community and charity organization engaged in Community Care, Spiritual Care & Pali Studies. We conduct Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Counselling, Healing & Therapeutic Chanting and Teaching Pali Language. We promote peace, harmony, non-violence along with the message of the Buddha. We are happy to share the Theravada Buddhist Studies with any like minded individuals or community. However, we support and promote unconditionally all the other Buddhist schools without any discrimination. We also respect all the other religions and their teachings on humanity, world peace, non-violence, and environmental care. 

DHAMMA USA 是一間推廣社區關懷、心靈關懷和巴利語研究的社區和慈善機構。 我們有舉辦冥想、瑜伽、心靈照護、治療和誦經治療以及教授巴利文的課程。 提倡和平、和諧、非暴力是佛陀一直以來要傳達給大家的訊息而我們一直努力推行著。 我們很高興能與志同道合的人或是社區團體分享上座部佛教的研究。同時我們也尊重佛教的其他傳承以及所有其他推崇慈悲、世界和平、非暴力和環境保護等教義的宗教。

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Our Organization: 

Dhamma USA Founder : Bhante Sumitta (Venerable Sumitta)

Advisory Board

    • Venerable Ahangama Dhammarama Nayaka Thero
    • Venerable Walpola Piyananda Nayaka Thero
    • Venerable Makandure Dhammapiti Thero
    • Venerable Ambalantota Kolita Thero
    • Venerable Watogala Saranasiri Thero
    • Venerable Ambanpola Seelaratana Thero
    • Venerable Aparekke Punnasiri Thero
    • Venerable Bogolle Sumana Thero
    • Venerable Kurundankulame Santasobhana Thero
    • Venerable Chao Chu
    • Prof. Jane Iwamura
    • Prof. Miroj Shakya
    • Dr. Jitsujo 

 Editorial Board: 

    • Venerable Sumitta
    • Venerable Chandananda
    • Venerable Khemananda
Team USA
  • Janice
  • Jessy
  • May
  • Emily
  • Mai 
  • Ranmali
  • Namali
Team Sri Lanka
  • Ranjith
  • Dimutu
  • Wimala
  • Hapuarachchi
  • Indika
  • Nishani
  • Yasantha
  • Asela
  • Nirmal
  • Geetha
  • Sakitha 

Team India
  • Arpana
  • Sanghamitta
  • Poonam
Miscellaneous Support:
    • Janice
    • May

Introducing Team USA:

Namali Perera

Hello Dhamma friends! My name is Namali, and I am from the United States. My parents are from Sri Lanka and

I was born and raised in the USA. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and I work in the biotechnology industry. During my free time, I like reading Buddhist books, meditating, and listening to Dhamma discussions. I love nature, animals, and traveling. I especially enjoy traveling to ancient Buddhist heritage sites in Sri Lanka. Because I have visited Sri Lanka many times, I feel a strong connection to the culture. I particularly enjoy learning about ancient Sri Lankan history and I find it really interesting how Buddhism played a significant role in the country’s history. One of my favorite places to visit is Anuradhapura. This year I visited India and Nepal with the head monk from my local temple, Venerable Wathogala Saranasiri Thero (the abbot of Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, Riverside), my family, and other Buddhist devotees. Walking along the Buddha’s path has strengthened my devotion to Buddhism and has made a profound impact on my life.  

Taking Bhante Sumitta’s Pāli 101 Level 1 class is helping me in my Buddhist studies and has been a wonderful aide to my spiritual practice. I recommend his classes to anyone who is interested!

Theruwan Saranai! 

Ranmali Perera

Hello Dhamma Friends. My name is Ranmali, and I live in the United States. My parents are originally from Sri Lanka, but I grew up in the USA and I’ve lived here my whole life. I have a PhD in Biology, and I work as a research scientist. I enjoy traveling, and of course, my favorite place to visit is Sri Lanka. I have visited several archaeological and Buddhist places of significance, including Anuradhapura, Kandy, Tissamarahrama, Kataragama, and Siri Pada. I have also visited India and Nepal. I was fortunate enough to travel with Venerable Wathogala Saranasiri Thero (the abbot of Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, Riverside) along with my family and a group of Buddhist devotees. We visited Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Vesali, Sravasthi, Lumbini, Kusinara, and Sankassa. My travels have inspired me to learn more about the Buddha’s teachings and how I can apply them to my daily life.  

I am currently a student in the Dhamma USA Pāli 101 level 1 class. I joined this class to better understand Buddhist sutras, Dhamma talks, and the Dhamma. Bhante Sumitta is an excellent teacher, and I appreciate how clear and helpful his lessons are. I look forward to productive Dhamma discussions and learning more about the Pāli language, and I encourage anyone who is interested to join us.

Theruwan Saranai!

Introducing Team India:
Yuvraj Aher
Namo Buddhaya!

Myself Y.D. Aher,   a lifelong learner from Mumbai (India) Currently residing in Singapore and working in Oil & Gas/Pharma Engineering industry. 

Well, I have done my bachelor's degree in Social Sciences & Modern India/World,
Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman, Diploma in Sanitary Inspector through All India Institute of Local Self Government, Studied and practiced journalism for couple of years.

Apart from that I have done basic Buddhism course in Singapore and commencing my further studies,
 i.e. Diploma in Buddhism in coming months through Buddhist and Pali College Singapore (affiliated with Buddhist & Pali University, Sri Lanka). I am proud to be a part of Daily Dhamma- Buddhist Pali Canon Texts (English- Marathi Translation Team).

I like reading Social/Religious books, Writing Articles & Poems, Singing and Social Networking with like minded folks. Propagating Ambedkarism & Buddhism through Socio-Religious movement has been my top priorities so far.

Poonam Sood

I am a widowed mother and dog lover. My late best friend, Kipper (a Lhasa Apso), passed away last year. By profession I am an English Teacher. I teach both English Language and Literature to classes XI-XII in the ISC Board. Educational Videos and other types of study material are prepared and provided to students due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Reading is my hobby. Apart from books, I enjoy travelling, net browsing, gardening, cooking, music and Buddhist studies. Last year in 2019  I went on a Buddhist pilgrimage to Sankassa, Kaushambi, Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Nalanda, Rajgir, Kushinagar, Kapilavastu (in both India and Nepal), Rampurava, Lauria Nandangarh, Kesariya, Barabar Caves etc. It was a spiritual experience. Currently my concentration is on Pāli and Buddhist studies. My objective is to learn the above thoroughly. 

Arpana Randhir

" When you put your Life in A Good Place, Good things follow, Same as Me, become A Part of Dhamma USA.

With Due respect, Introducing Myself

Name :  Arpana Manik Randhir

Place : Pune Maharashtra

Education : BSc. BEd. MA

Hobbies : Drawing, Reading, Learning Pali Language, Listening Music
Goal in Life : * Become Follower oF Buddha and Buddha Dhamma.
* To gather all the Dhamma followers under One Dhamma Community 🌲

* To Spread and Promote Peace, Harmony and non-voilence in the world. 

Savita Kale

I am Ms. Savita Kale from Mumbai, India. Science and legal student. An Entrepreneur, operating Recruitment Consultancy by name Savis Corporate HR. Actively associated with couple of Business groups, handling Mumbai region. Reader and Student, studying Pali language grammar and Tipitaka at Somaiya Buddhist Studies Center, Mumbai. Teaching Basic Pali language grammar to one group on whats app. Vipassana meditator, taught by Acharya S.N. Goenka from year 2000 onwards. From school days reading about Buddha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Started studying Buddhism and Ambedkarism from 2016 onwards. Alongwith collection of knowledge also got good collection of books and people. Working to built-up library for benefit of many. My expertise are networking, concept building and implementation. I am workaholic, loves to travel, research is my passion. Can connect with people, places and practices quickly and effectively. I am here to assist Bhante Sumitta in propagation of Buddhas dhamma in his journey to reach many for benefit of many. Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitta!

Sanghamitta Chavan

!!!Hello Dhamma friends!!!
My name is Miss. Sanghamitra Narendra Chavan from India. I did B.A in Geography. I'm the Head of Village (Sarpanch) of Mehunbare Taluka Chalisgaon District Jalgaon Maharashtra India. I was elected by the villagers in October 2017. I'm kindergarten school teacher too.I was conducting Sunday Dhamma class  in my village till 2018. With my parents help we tried to propagate and cultivate Dhamma in our village. And little bit succeeded. Now village people can understand that how to pay homage to Buddha Dhamma Sangha. My father was a PT Teacher in Guru Nanak school Bhandup Mumbai. My mother is now Buddhist Nun.  I was also ordained with my mother on 3rd January 2020 in Kaling Orissa by Thai Bhikkhuni. We went to Ashoka Stupa where our head was shaved. Our ordination program was held in Maha Bodhi Society of Odisha centre Kalinga Bhubaneswar under the Holy Bodhi Tree. This Bodhi tree belongs to the Family of Holy Bodhi Tree under which Siddhartha Gautama meditated and got Enlightenment to become Buddha.
Emperor Ashoka's daughter Sanghamitra carried it's seedlings to Anuradhapura, Srilanka and planted it there, On 13 May 1957 The Then Prime Minister of Myanmar Mr. .U.NU brought a seedling from Anuradhapura tree and planted it here in Orissa.
We were ordained by Thai Bhikkhuni. After ordination we went to practice Dhamma in Vivatta Pahtama Bhikkhuni Mahapajapati Gotami Arahantatheri Jayanti 2600 Mahavihara Gutakarasala Vesali India Near Myanmar Temple.
Now mom is in civor for whole life. 
I disrobed due to responsibilities of Development of Village and to care family.
I like travelling, doing creative work, colouring, reading and to help small kids and elder to learn English. And also to take care of old Bhikkhuni too.
   About Dhamma USA, I am a student in Dhamma USA Pali 101 level class.
Bhante Sumitta helps me learn Pali very easily step by step. His teaching way is so good to understand. I want to learn more from Dhamma USA Pali learning class.
That all about me.



Aarti Singh

Namo Budhhay! I am Aarti Singh. Originally from Aurangabad, Maharashtra India. Living in Dallas TX since 2001 with my family (husband and two kids). I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering. I am working as an IT Corporate Recruiter in an american company. I want to learn Pali so that I can understand the Budhha’s original teachings (Pali Canon - Tipitaka). I like to read, play video games, and take photos. I am glad to be introduced to this Dhamma USA family. 

Akshay Shivdas Gajbhire

Nishani Kaushalya


  1. Thank you so much VNPhamKT for your wonderful feedback. Really appreciate. We get more motivated and inspired by good people like you. Many blessings!

  2. Proud to be associated with you all my Dhamma Brothers & Sisters. Blessed with the wisdom and compassionate guidance from Ven. Bhante Sumitta.May you all be well and hapy.


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