Full Moon Day List 2020 (USA)

Image taken at University of the West, Rosemead, California
  • January - Durutu
    • First Quarter - January 3
    • Full Moon - January 10
    • Last Quarter - January 17
    • New Moon - January 24
  • February - Navam
    • First Quarter - February 2
    • Full Moon - February 9
    • Last Quarter - February 15
    • New Moon - February 23
  • March - Medin
    • First Quarter - March 2
    • Full Moon - March 9
    • Last Quarter - March 16
    • New Moon - March 24
  • April - Bak
    • First Quarter - April 1
    • Full Moon - April 8
    • Last Quarter - April 14
    • New Moon - April 23
    • First Quarter - April 30
  • May - Vesak 
    • Full Moon - May 7
    • Last Quarter - May 14
    • New Moon - May 22
    • First Quarter - May 30
  • June - Poson
    • Full Moon - June 5
    • Last Quarter - June 13
    • New Moon - June 21
    • First Quarter - June 28
  • July - Esala   
    • Full Moon - July 5
    • Last Quarter - July 12
    • New Moon - July 20
    • First Quarter - July 27
  • August - Nikini
    • Full Moon - August 3
    • Last Quarter - August 11
    • New Moon - August 19
    • First Quarter - August 25
  • September - Binara
    • Full Moon - September 2
    • Last Quarter - September 10
    • New Moon - September 17
    • First Quarter - September 24
  • October - Vap 
    • Full Moon - October 1
    • Last Quarter - October 10
    • New Moon - October 16
    • First Quarter - October 23
    • Full Moon - October 31
  • November - Il 
    • Last Quarter - November 8
    • New Moon - November 15
    • First Quarter - November 22
    • Full Moon - November 30
  • December - Unduvap
    • Last Quarter - December 8
    • New Moon - December 14
    • First Quarter - December 21
    • Full Moon - December 30

Pali & Sanskrit Terms for the Months of the Year:

Māgha - Māgha (January-February)
Phagguṇa - Phālguna (February-March)
Citta - Caitra (March-April)
Visākha - Vaisākha (April-May)
Jeṭṭha - Jyaiṣṭha (May-June)
Āsāḷha - Āṣāḍha (June-July)
Sāvaṇa - Śrāvaṇa (July-August)
Poṭṭhapāda - Bhādrapada or Prosthapada (August-September)
Assayuja  - Āśvina (September-October)
Kattikā - Kārttika (October-November)
Māgasira - Mārgaśirṣa (November-December)
Phussa - Pauṣa (December-January)

Mother's Day (Fourth Anniversary) - 2020 January
Late Mrs. Chandra Ambalangoda
Mother is the sweetest word in the world.

It is exactly three years ago that she passed away after living a memorable life of 80 years. She had 7 children and worked for 38 years as a dedicated school teacher in many parts of rural Sri Lanka. She started her career as a school teacher in Kurunegala Namalalanga Vidyalaya and retired from teaching after serving at Halkandaliya Vidyalaya, Nivitigala, Ratnapura. She opened the eyes of many thousands of children and was known to about a thousand Buddhist monks all over Sri Lanka as a staunch Buddhist upasikā (lay female devotee).

I am so grateful and thankful to her for she was an amazing mother and she is the one who is responsible for most of who I am today. As anyone else for their mother, I too am in short of words to express my gratitude to the mother who gave me birth and took well care of me without any complain or without any burden. May I take this opportunity to transfer all the merits to her that I have accrued so far in my life and throughout my Samsara (circle of transmigration or circle of rebirth according to Buddhism).

May all these meritorious deeds become one united power and bless her, help her, protect her and guide towards her final Samsaric goal - the Supreme bliss of Nibbana! (final goal of all Buddhists - the liberation from samsara.)

Salutation to the Mother (Sri Lankan Tradition)
Dasa māse ure katvā
Posesi vuddhi kāraṇaṃ
Āyu dīghaṃ vassa sataṃ
Mātu pādaṃ namāmahaṃ.

(Having cherished me in your womb of divine cradle nearly for ten months of time, you raised me up wishing me all the success. My dear mom, please let me bow down at your feet wishing you long life!)

Transferring Merits to the Departed Relatives

Idaṃ me ñātinaṃ hotu – Sukhitā hontu ñātayo.
Idaṃ me ñātinaṃ hotu – Sukhitā hontu ñātayo.
Idaṃ me ñātinaṃ hotu – Sukhitā hontu ñātayo.

(Let this merit be with our relatives, and may they be well and happy! Let this merit be with our relatives, and may they be well and happy! Let this merit be with our relatives, and may they be well and happy!)

May all my attempts and dedications towards the Dhamma be a lamp unto you Mother!
(Late Chandra Ambalangoda : 1936-2016)
May you be well, happy, healthy and safe wherever you are!
May you attain the Supreme bliss of Nibbana!
Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!!

I wish to share this poem that I wrote sometime back as a mark of respect to my mother. Hope this would be a little token of appreciation and salutation to all the mothers on earth.

Your caressing ways
Your cherishing thoughts
Always kept me
High from within
Your blissful rays
From the innermost heart
Went through me
In all my veins.
You as my teacher
Uplifted spirits
As veritable promoter
Made me sprite.
You showed me the world
You showed me the path
Your love is true
Pristinely pure.
You sweetened my ears
You fulfilled my eyes
Oh! My dearest and sweetest mom
Please be mine
In many births to come!

- Ven. Nivitigala Sumitta

Some of the Social Welfare Activities that we did together our mother:

Helping children in Saman Uyana, Parakandeniya, Sri Lanka.

Flood Relief to a village in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Support to the Children's Home in Anuradhapura. Flood relief to a remote village in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. We supported the entire village walking from house to house and helping them with food items and other requisites. Nearly 50 volunteers were involved in this beautiful humanitarian service. 


Photos from the previous Dāna Ceremonies to transfer merit to her at Lankarama Buddhist Institute, La Puente, CA 91744. The late Venerable Aluthnuwara Sumanatissa Nayaka Thero, Most Venerable Ahangama Dhammarama Nayaka Thero, Venerable Vanavasi Rahula, Venerable Dhammavaro, Venerable Yonghwa Sunim, Venerable Khemananda, Venerable Medhankara, Bhikkhuni Chanda and Bhikkhuni Susila blessed the occasion.

Bhante Dhammārāma, Bhante Yogāvacara Rāhula, Bhante Dhammavaro

Few More Photos of Her love and care:

With her daughter and grand daughter

with her grand daughter

 with her sister and grand daughter

at sacred Buddhagaya Maha Bodhi Vihara, Buddhagaya, India

at sacred Buddhagaya Maha Bodhi Vihara, Buddhagaya, India

Click here for a useful article about Transferring merits to the Departed relatives according to Buddhist tradition. 

Pāli Chantings used in the ceremony: 

Bhikkhu Bodhi in Los Angeles: 
Jan. 7~12, 2020

We are most honored and grateful to share the arrival of Bhikkhu Bodhi in Los Angeles in January 2020 to conduct a course on Dhammacakkappavattana, with emphasis on the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

Please kindly refer to flyer above for more details.  Daily schedule is from 8:30am to 9pm, alternating mainly between lecture and meditation. It is such a rare opportunity to have Venerable here to teach so we ask all to please try to participate in full course and adhere most closely to the time table.

If you wish to attend, please register online via following link,


If you wish to offer dana or pay respect, please contact Dhamma volunteer at Four Noble Truths @ 626.524.4864.

Buddhasasanaṃ Ciraṃ Tiṭṭhatu
Nibbānassa Paccayo Hotu!
May all beings be well, happy, healthy, and free from danger!

Chantings at the event: