Sri Lanka Flood Relief

Sri Lanka Flood Relief Update

Our Dhamma US team members visited three houses in Molkawa area near Kukulegama power station. They were joined by a local Newspaper “Divaina” correspondent, Nandana. They were also guided by a local Buddhist monk. Hence, our survey team found genuinely poor and needy families in the area.

The village Molkawa is a rather remote area away from many of the urban facilities and privileges, but the whole village is showered with the blessings of the lush green emerald beauty. The village folks mainly walk through the narrow walking paths rather than using vehicles and our team had to cross a cane bridge, a rather precarious way to cross the river to meet the victims.

They stopped the vehicle by the side of the power station and crossed the cane bridge to proceed to the village. They inspected three houses and all of them have been adversely affected by severe weather conditions.

K Lalini, a 28-year-old mother of two children, lives with her husband who works in a local tea estate as a laborer with tea plucking.  Their house has been damaged due to torrential weather conditions.  This second house is in such a bad shape that all the thatched walls are cracked. The roof of stove area is only covered by black polythene.

Friends, we are ready to help them build these houses once the construction plans and local builders are contacted. The process of planning estimate budget and some other formalities to start our work is underway. Hoping to provide you more updates. You are requested to come forward and help us for this great humanitarian project. We will continue to build houses for the needy and poor victims with your blessings. Thank you all for generously coming forward.

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