Lankarama Buddhist Institute - Weekly Dhamma Events - 2017

Lankarama Buddhist Institute - Weekly Dhamma Events - 2017

Dear Dhamma Friends,

Lankarama Buddhist Institute is organizing new Dhamma events on every Saturday & Sunday. We invite you all to join us in person or online to learn the Dhamma and maintain both spiritual and physical good health. Please come join us with your young and old family members for any or all of these events. 

Here is the Schedule for
         Saturday Program:
  • Pali Class - 2:00 PM (Every other Saturday)
  • Sutta Discussion - 4:00 PM (Every other Saturday)

    Sunday Program:
  • Yoga Session - 5:00 PM
  • Meditation Session - 6:00 PM
  • Buddha Vandana - 7:00 PM
Registration is required for these events.
Online Participation is also possible.

                All Are Welcome!


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