Friday - The Day of Purification

Friday Cleaning Day 

Many Buddhst temples here in Los Angeles area maintain Friday as their Cleaning Day. All the abbots, resident monks and some volunteer devotees make it happen together. All the devotees when they come to the temple, are benefitted by this amazing cohesive effort and it’s a wonderful feeling to engage in temple Cleaning activity as it is said temple Cleaning helps us purifying our minds and cleansing our past negative kamma (Buddhist teaching of kamma is a very important teaching) as well. It definitely helps us pose a beautiful positive energy on Friday. 

When I visited some temples in Los Angeles area on some Fridays, I was so impressed with the monks and devotees working hand in hand to clean the Shrine Room (room where the main Buddha Statue is placed), Bodhi  Tree area, Dana Hall (dining hall where monks are offered food by the lay devotees) and all the restrooms. Everyone greets each other and has a smile in their face while doing it. 

Dear Dhamma friends, if you are close to any of these temples and have some time to dedicate for this great meritorious activity, you are encouraged to join this beautiful activity to earn merit. I also invite you all to keep one particular day or the week to clean your house together with all the family members. That will surely bring peace and happiness and good luck to the family and more and more positive energy will sustain at your home sweet home. 

I am sure the other temples, churches, mosques etc also maintain similar events to clean their holy places.

May all beings be well and happy and healthy!
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu 


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