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Anyone interested in joining our Online Pali Course Pali 101 - Pali for Beginners? Please email info@dhammausa.comIt's for free. Please share this info with your friends. Thank you 

Notice for the students who are planning to attend the class in person :

Dear friends, we are planning to have a repeat Pali class on Wednesday for the benefit of the online Audience and for those who missed the last week’s class. 

If any of you missed the first two classes please make sure you watch the Dhamma US YouTube video on Pali alphabet and study about how you prepare for this course. 

We also discussed the third class to be held on coming Saturday as we cannot have it on July 28 due to a program at Lankarama. 

You can make an appointment with me if you want my help just before and after the class. 

I will be available one hour before and after the class for those who need some extra help. Please remember this time we will make it very serious and will have several tests for you to complete the Pali 101 - Course for Beginners. Only those who successfully complete the Level One will be promoted to the next Level. Good luck 

How to Learn Pali Lesson Series - Lesson 1 - Pali Alphabet

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  1. Venerable Bhante Sumitta is taking lots of efforts. Buddhā's Dhammā is in pāli. To follow the Dhammā we should know the Buddhā's words in correct form. If we know Pali we will not get any difficulty to follow Buddhā's vacana.
    Thank you very much Dhamma USA Team


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