Three Months Commemoration of Sumanatissa Nayaka Thero

Anicca Vata Sankhara (Impermanent, in deed, are all formations)

Late Venerable Aluthnuwara Sumanatissa Nayaka Thero

Lankarama Buddhist Institute is organizing a series of meritorious events to transfer merits to the late Nayaka Thero who founded three beautiful temples - two in Sri Lanka and one in America. Venerable Nayaka Thero has served the Buddhist communities both in Sri Lanka and USA to a greater extent and he will be remembered and respected by the communities for a long time to come. He was a very compassionate and happy monk who helped the community for a long time. His service to his motherland was very well remembered when he led his community to build nearly 40 houses to the homeless people who were devastated by the deadly tsunami in 2004 in Sri Lanka. He founded Lankarama Buddhist Institute in 1991, which is one of the most beautiful temples in USA. His leadership was duly proved by the way he rebuilt the once dilapidated two temples in Sri Lanka -

  • Gangatilaka Viharaya, Iyyamporuwa & 
  • Vijayasundararamaya, Erewwala. 

Today these two temples are rendering a great Dhamma service to many thousands in Sri Lanka thanks to the Nayaka Thero. Lankarama Buddhist Institute, La Puente, California was venerable Thero's Head Quarters from where he operated many of his religious and social welfare activities. Ever since this temple was established, numerous individuals in the area have been benefited due to various spiritual care activities that are conducted daily, weekly, monthly and annually. 

When he untimely passed away three months ago in a Sri Lankan hospital, the community in both USA and Sri Lanka grieved profoundly. Lankarama Buddhist Institute is organizing a series of events to commemorate the late Nayaka Thero in order to transfer merits to him and to showcase their gratitude for his invaluable service to the community and to the Buddha Sasana. For more info on Nayaka Thero's service read this article.

May Venerable Aluthnuwara Sumanatissa Nayaka Thero attain supreme bliss of Nibbana! 

Here is the link for more photo updates of the event: 

Here is the YouTube video dedicated to honor the Nayaka Thero:


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