Lankarama Kathina Ceremony 2019

Annual Kaṭhiṇa Robe Offering Ceremony - 2019
Maha Saṅgha Dāna
Lankarama Buddhist Institute
398 Giano Ave
La Puente - CA 91744
Phone: 626-913-0775

Dear Dhamma Friends & Family,

You are cordially invited to make merits by participating in the Kaṭhiṇa Ceremony 2019 to be held on November 2, 2019 (Saturday) & November 3, 2019 (Sunday).

Please join us in this special Buddhist Festival, which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy retreat for Theravāda Buddhists.

November 2, 2019 (Saturday)

07:30 PM - Aṭavisi Buddha Vandanā (28 Buddha Vandanā)
Conducted by Ven. Dr. K. Gunaratana Thera  
Abbot of Mahā Karuṇā Buddhist Center, 
Head of the Religious Affairs of 
Lankarama Buddhist Temple, Singapore

November 3, 2019 (Sunday)

06:30 AM - Offering of Kaṭhiṇa Clothe to the Mahā Saṅgha
07:30 AM - Buddha Vandanā
07:45 AM - Breakfast Dāna to the Mahā Saṅgha
10:00 AM - Kaṭhiṇa Perahera (Parade)
11:15 AM - Buddha Vandanā
11:30 AM - Offering of Kaṭhiṇa Robe & 
                   Lunch Dāna to the Mahā Saṅgha
12:30 PM - Kaṭhiṇānisaṃsa (Benefits of Kaṭhiṇa) & 
                   Trasnfering Merits by 
                   Ven. Dr. K. Gunaratana Thera
01:00 PM - Lunch for the attendees

Sponsors of Kathiṇa 2019 
Sanjiv & Manil Gunasekara 
B. J. Perera
Janaki Wickramaratne
Greeta Dissanayake
Ruwan Dissanayake
Amali Dissanayake
Salintha Gunasekara
Gamini & Sunila Weerasuriya
 Michael & Pushpa De Silva   
Sylvia Wijethunge
Prasanna & Sumudu Silva
Nilani Leula
Vishakha Wikramasinghe
Sujatha Gunathilake
Yvonne Tseng
May Carolyn Goh

Note: Anyone who would like to be volunteers, donors or participating in offering foods, kindly contact the Lankarama Buddhist Institute.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Please share with all your near & dear ones!

Venue: Lankarama Buddhist Institute
398 Giano Ave
La Puente, CA 91744
Phone: 626-913-0775

Sabbe sattā averā hontu
Sabbe sattā abyāpajjā hontu
Sabbe sattā anīghā hontu
Sabbe sattā sukhī attānaṃ pariharantu

May all beings be free from enmity/danger.
May all beings be free from mental suffering.
May all beings be free from physical suffering.
May all beings take care of themselves happily.

May All Beings are Well & Happy & Healthy!
(Sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitattā)
Click Flower decorations to see the ongoing preparations.
Click All the photos of the event.

Learn more about Kathina Robe Offering & Rains Retreat:


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