DSC 1834 DhammaUS housing Project- Piyasili

Latest Update about our Housing Project in Sri Lanka. 

Latest Update about our Housing Project in Sri Lanka. 

Piyasili, the single mother of one child lives today at this poorly build mud thatched house. Dhamma US with the help of some generous contributions from many donors in USA and elsewhere is planning to build a house for her. We are almost ready to start the construction once the site is cleared. Piyasili, her small son and her mother who lives with her would be happy forever. Thank you friends for bringing them shelter, smile and happiness. Piyasili is  thanking the DhammaUS donors and all those who help in making her soon to be dream house a reality.

May all our generous and kindhearted donors who helped us in many different ways share this great merit in our effort to bring smile, shelter and happiness to Piyasili's family!

May all beings be well and happy!!!


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