Laying Foundation for Piyasili's New House - DhammaUS Housing Project #1

Laying of Foundation took place for Piyasili's New House after demolishing the old thatched house. With the blessing of Ven. Walathara Mahinda Thero. The soldiers of the local army camp helped us a lot in demolishing the old house and our DhammaUS team was overseeing the whole procedure. Thank you each and everyone of our friends in USA and elsewhere for helping us in many different ways. Hope to keep you posted with the latest updates soon. Here are some of the photos of the event:

Our next project is Lalani's House. 

Budget Details:

Estimated Cost LKR
6*9 stones for foundation
4 cubes
SLR 18,000:00 (US$ 129:00)
Concrete bricks for walls
1800 bricks
SLR 81,000:00 (US$ 579:00)
Concrete metal stones
3 cubes
SLR 18,000:00 (US$ 129:00)
10 inch “melwa” iron bars
SLR 10,400:00 (US$ 75:00)
7 cubes
SLR 56,000:00 (US$ 400:00)
115 Bags
SLR 109,250:00 (US$ 781:00) 

Timber For the roof  SLR 85,000:00 (US$ 608:00)
8 foot Asbe stose Sheets  (36)  SLR 64,800:00 (US$ 663:00)
Timber for door frames & window frames  SLR 45,000:00 (US$ 322:00)
Jack  timber for  Doors and Windows 286 Feet  SLR128,700:00 (US$ 920:00)
Saraneiru  SLR 27,850:00 (US$ 199:00)
Glass for windows SLR 7,000:00 (US$ 50:00)

Total Expense for one house    SLR 599,600:00 (US$ 4283:00)

Ps. original calculations are in Sri Lankan Rupees. Converted roughly into US$ by dividing with 140. The US$ amount is not the exact figure. Just a rough figure.)

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