MDM1770 ගිහි ගෙදරදීම නිවනට ප්‍රවිෂ්ඨවීමට (NPA104)

This is an amazing #YouTube Dhamma Channel channel if any of you really want to explore the in-depth #Dhamma #Practice. The interview process when s/he shares the personal #meditation experience is very impressive. There seem to be a group of very highly accomplished #practitioners linked to this channel led by a powerful #monk who is in good command of his subject. Anyone who has any kind of questions regarding the real complications while practicing, I recommend this is a wonderful channel to follow. This is a great way to improve your right view and practice the #Dhamma and achieve some higher spiritual levels through some meticulous guidelines.

The only concern is that it is in #Sinhala and if someone can put up some #English sub-titles, this can be beneficial to millions of #Truth-Seeking #practitioners. I wish I have time to do some #translations of this project.

Dear #Sinhala practitioners, please carefully listen to all these lessons and make yourself closer to the realization of the #Dhamma.

Click here for the website for you to learn more about this Dhamma Session series.

Read the following to check in with your eligibility before exploring the Website :
මම දැන් මෙතන !!! මේ මෝහෝතේ ඔබ ඉන්නාවූ ඉරියව්ව (අරමුණ ) ඔබට ප්‍රකටවී තිබේද? එසේනම්, ඒ මෝහෝතේ ඔබට දුකක් හෝ සැපයක් දැනුනිද? නොදැනුනිනම්, ඔබට රාග, ද්වේශ, මෝහ නොමැතිවූ බව අවබෝධ වූයේද? එසේම ! ! ! ඔබ නිවන අත්විඳි බව ඔබට අවබෝධ වූයේද? අවබෝධනොවුනිනම් ! ! ! නිවන වර්තමාණ මෝහෝතේ අත්විඳිය යුත්තක් බවට වන බුදු බණ තවමත් ඔබතුලට කිඳාබැස නොමැති බව පිලිගැනීමට ඔබ සූදානම්ද? ඔව් නම් ! ! ! ! ! මෙම වෙබ් අඩවියට පිවිසීමට ඔබ සුදුස්සෙකි.
There is a pop up message to guide you to your own level of practice. Hence you can easily decide your own path.

May all beings be well and happy and healthy!
May all the listeners to this channel realize the Dhamma within this life itself!
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!!!


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