The 10 tasks of daily life

The 10 tasks of daily life:
1.   Read from at least one newspaper and one good book each day.
2.   Keep a good balance between rest and work. Keep set hours for going to bed and waking up in  
            the  morning. Eat the same amount of food for your 3 meals each day.
      3.   Develop an exercise routine and walk at least 5000 steps each day.
4.   Stay away from tobacco, alcohol, pornography, and drugs. Govern and regulate your own life.
5.   Cherish your blessings and be frugal. Do not buy things thoughtlessly or indulgently.
6.   Do not eat snacks foolishly nor express anger thoughtlessly.
7.   Recite the Buddha’s name 3 times at each meal, and observe the 5 contemplations when eating at 
8.   Go on a journey by yourself.
9.   Give away all your possessions at least once in your lifetime to experience the state of emptiness.
10. Manage your time well, use your space well, and be in harmony with the world.
                              Reference: For All Living Beings by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

(As for the No. 7 task, I recommend you use your own spiritual master or your own religious leader, i.e. Jesus, Mohammad, Krisna etc. That way you can keep your own faith and be faithful and be a better human being as per your own system of faith.)

I could not resist from sharing with all our friends when I was reading For All Living Beings by respected venerable master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order. Hope this will help all our friends to build up a wonderful and balanced life. Looking forward to sharing more from Venerable Master's fascinating book.


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