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Covid 19 or Corona is taking its toll at the moment causing mass-hysteria around the world with ever increasing number of infected cases and deaths with a staggering pace. The epicenter is being shifted from China to Italy. Is it shifting towards US? We never know, but everyone is worried and stressed. We are currently receiving heartbreaking news all the time. There are more alarming threats related to this pandemic as the stock markets, job markets and family life have been shaken in numerous ways. Different governments are implementing quarantine, police curfew and lockdown to curb the situation as against the deadly virus infection which has so far been able to evade all precautions and safety methods. People are panicked after having seeing the top trending news regarding this. All entertainment programs such as musical shows, sports events and numerous social gatherings have been banned or limited by the respective governments to mitigate this unprecedented phenomenon at least for the last hundred years.
It's natural for us to feel worried, stressed and panicked as against the impending loss of jobs, house arresting leaving nothing much to do but to worry about our bills, loans and other expenses.

  • What can we do as Buddhists? 
  • How do we cope with this kind of a situation according to Buddhism? 
  • What are the methods to maintain our peace, happiness and good health now? 
We are trying to address these issues through our Saturday Guided Meditation to help you find the inner peace and maintain that ever powerful equanimity.  Join us on online through our temple Facebook Lankarama US or our Dhamma USA Facebook Page on Saturday 7 am to find some inner peace with our Guided Meditation for beginners (English).

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitattā
(May all beings be well and happy and healthy!)

Check our Prayer for Corona here:

Helpful verified information can be accessed through:
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CDC
World Health Organization

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