What is the difference between Ganthadhura & Vipassanādhura?

I Have a question about the following 2 words: Vipassanādhura &
Vipassanā  Dhura

Do they have different meanings? Thanks

There are 2 practices in Buddhism called:
1. Gantha dhura
2. Vipassanā dhura

Gantha dhura - Dhamma learning, preaching, researching, teaching, writing etc.

Vipassanā dhura - Dhamma practising, meditating.

These are two different paths but both have significant values. GD is important for the propagation and preservation of the Dhamma for the benefit of the many.  VD is vital for the self purification and self realization and final attainment of Nibbāna. It is even more hellpful and valuable if someone has the balance between both.

Hope you understood. Please feel free to ask if you need any more clarification.

May all beings be well & happy & healthy!


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